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The sole MPC2000 beat on the record courtesy of Chuck Dukie. Not sure where he got all the samples from, but I do believe they were mainly from a movie. The concept was based upon Icarus, the wax-winged dude that tried to fly to the sun. Fucking idiot. So we all made up what I thought to be excellent stories of rise to fame and fortune and the fall from it. I owe Chuck and Jabari an apology because I wrote a 32-bar rhyme that I thought was 16-bars. This was the first song that we recorded together, and this was during the time when I never wrote rhymes that adhered to a sensible, even number of bars. My bad. This song, like "Hooch", was one of our best produced. The rhymes and beat perfectly complimented the title. Hopefully the young kids will hear this one and not want to become superstars.


hidden track... Perpin'
Produced by Redfoot Jones

I forgot about this song until Jabari reminded me about it after a night of drinking in which both of us claimed we weren't trying to drink. This was our hidden song that came on following seven minutes of silence from the conclusion of "Icarus." The concept is simple, talk about those fake-ass, perpetrating, uniform-wearing, automatons that think they're prodigies. One point about this song... it's hilarious. The rhymes are spot-on, but the chorus is utterly ridiculous and best exemplifies how we got increasingly intoxicated during our vocal sessions. This was a very fun track to make and it can be heard in the music. We were definitely drunk; probably off of Bombay and cranberry.


from Plexiglass, released January 1, 2004
The Grand Glorious Chuck Dukie



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