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Chuck called this beat "Tedious" as a comment regarding the process of recording from the Triton to Pro Tools. Like most of Chuck's beats, this beat has an evil tinge to it. Unlike most of Chuck's beats, this one had no samples. Chuck's primary instrument was the MPC2000, but at the time his Zip drive wasn't working, so he started to bang shit out on my Triton. The lyrics matched the evil aura perfectly. My rhyme was basically about me as the angel of death. Jabari has the gall to challenge perpetrators and God in his verse. Chuck comes the fuck off on this. I always thought Chuck to be the best lyricist out of all of us. The dude is a natural. "Pipe bomb at the address. It said C.O.D., and you paid for it." C'mon man. That's dope. Listen and tell me I'm wrong. The little kid at the end of the verses is Jabari's little brother (little brother as in the Little Brother/Big Brother program) doing his DC Errea thang. I don't think Chuck really wanted him on the song. Whatever. We write and jot for tykes and tots; or so we claim.


from Plexiglass, released January 1, 2004
Produced by The Grand Glorious Chuck Dukie



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Onasuss Maximus the Antagonist Amsterdam

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